Friday, April 29, 2016

Aventurine, Turquoise and Quartzine Bracelet

This gorgeous memory wire bracelet is packed with precious beads orange aventurine, blue turquoise, orange quartzine and ceramic swirl beads. And two charms at each end.

AVENTURINE is a “Stone of Prosperity” providing courage and strong leadership qualities including compassion with perseverance. It helps to balance male/female energy, guarding against psychic interferences.  Varied range of healing benefits of the heart, circulation, metabolism, allergies and inflammations.  Worn or taped to the cell phone it disperses electromagnetic waves.    

TURQUOISE  the stone known as a "Master Healer.” It is a purification stone, though grounded and protected it provides  higher energy levels for healing and cleansing.  It unites the earth and the sky, bringing together the male and female energies, enhancing the physical and the psychic immune systems, stimulating romantic love.  


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