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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Rustic Blue Gold Silver Copper Memory Wire Bracelet

This gorgeous 6 strand memory wire bracelet is made with metal beads of silver, gold, copper rustic blue and gears as charms.

Rustic Blue Earrings

Here is a large rustic blue bead pair of earrings and a pair of chandelier pair of earrings.

Copper Earrings!!!

These are beautiful....

Four Color Metal Memory Wire Bracelet

This bracelet has copper, gold, silver and brass/bronze metal beads.

Two Different Style Earrings

These are 2 different style pair of earrings.  I will be adding to my Etsy soon. If you want to purchase please contact me .  mgonzalez31062@yahoo.com

Small Beads Memory Wire Bracelet

This beautiful memory wire bracelet I did with copper  small beads and shell saucer beads all one size...

Gold Earrings

Golden Earrings

Chunky Memory Wire Bracelet & Earrings

Here is a memory wire bracelet I made with shell chips and gold beads.